Filip Feline:

"I dealt with the English page of our web site, the questions for the interview with Christine (the owner) and I stayed in touch with the "Scârţ" employees for the entire period. I loved taking part in this project, I learnt a great deal of things and I hope our work will be appreciated."

Andreea Paleu:

"For the Avenir Métiers contest I was responsible with logistics and team ideas. I also coordinated the project meetings, which took place, obviously, at Scârţ. I understood that to run a successful business, many aspects are essential: a reliable and appropriate team, sense of reality, a lot of creativity and also, passion."

Madalina Modroiu:

"In order to organize our team better, I created the Facebook group. Also, I was the cameraman and the photograph for the project and the one who, along with Feline, almost moved in at "Scârţ" for the time of the project."

Prof. Raluca Martinescu:

"From the very beginning, my colleague and I, were firmly convinced that the interdisciplinary aspect of this contest matched perfectly the interests and potential of the Social Sciences class. And, indeed, the students set their wits to work and used their knowledge of Economics & Management, IT and foreign languages. Furthermore, they were the living proof of an excellent team work, spiced up with enthusiasm and full engagement in the project."

Prof. Daniela Popa:

"Along with my colleague, I coordinated the work for this competition and we were pleasantly surprised by their abilities of time management, task fulfilling and overcoming the difficulties that occurred, just like a real team."

Calin Stanichevici:

"My name is Călin, I am passionate about IT, so I took the computer part, following the ideas of the team. I really improved my French and English when I synced the subtitles. I am very pleased with our web page."

Alexandru Tihu:

"My name is Alex, I love travelling and French, I have been a Scout since I was little. For this project, I designed the history of "Scârţ", based on data collected by my colleagues, during the interview with the owner or through the customer testimonials and the articles from the media. Also, I did the translation into French of the interview. It was a huge challenge, but very rewarding as well"

Claudia Morosanu:

"I'm Claudia Moroșanu, I am 17 years old and I would really love to celebrate my coming of age at Paris, on the 16th of June, the day of the awardings of the contest. I like French, English, anything that is related to theater and drama, communication, travelling. For this project, I made the questionnaire filled in by the customers, I took some pictures and helped with the translations."

Daiana Lay:

"I believe that the project was very complex and I liked this challenge. I also learned the importance of teamwork in order to succeed in any kind of group task."

Oriana Bain:

"My name is Oriana, I really like foreign languages, especially French, and this is why I was interested and determined to work for this project. I worked with pleasure in finding the best translations to French of the menu of "Scârţ"."