"This place opened not necessarily because we wanted badly to have a coffee-shop... The fact that we are talking here today may be an even more special occasion as yesterday, Auăleu Theatre just turned nine and the main reason why we opened this pub is because we wanted to support this group. Not working for somebody else so the money we earn would go directly into our theater group. That’s why this coffee-shop as far as it can bring us a profit, will be used in our activity, which is drama,... and I can state that this business provides us with a decent living level and allows our dream to come true.

Scârț as people know it turned 5 this year... We opened it on the 27th of March – World Theater Day. I even proposed to open a bagel shop or a candy shop but the idea with the pub... it’s not that it came out of the blue... we had had it in our minds for a while... it’s just that we had some savings and we decided to go for it no matter what. And I think this was the fourth or the fifth house that we visited and we thought it was perfect, we managed to rent the space and... run the show. We got the house in winter – December or January and in March we opened."

Christine Cizmaș