Case study

We chose, as the subject of our study case, the pub « Scârţ Loc Lejer » or "Scârţ light (comfy) place", in order to understand how such a successful coffee-shop and bar can seem and, in essence, BE so… light.

And we understood. The passion they put in this business makes it all seem so comfortable.

The work on this project allowed us to take an economical-artistic approach, no matter how incompatible these two may seem, and here is why:

The pub was opened by a group of actors looking for a way to sustain their work. The place is the owners' actual house so the "at-home" feeling is not forged in any way. Everything in it is designed as a special universe, the one of theater, with a setting that is going to send you to a different world in which every customer is a new character. The "stage design", their "lines" (The menu is a must see!), nothing is left at chance.

Therefore, this is how the passion for theater, the tendency towards originality and the attention for details brought this coffee shop its well-deserved success, appreciated by all who take the time to recognize the beauty of something made with love.

The study we carried out at « Scârţ Loc Lejer » represented a management lesson that helped us learn and thoroughly understand the importance of each step they took in order to open and sustain a successful business:

Furthermore, due to working on this project, we have developed certain abilities and skills that are of the utmost importance to any enterprise:

Also, we have become more accustomed to the methods of data collecting and processing, while using our knowledge from fields such as economy, IT and foreign languages. To us, the entire project eventually concluded into a specific example of the golden rule: Every economical agent’s purpose is profit. And in order to obtain a constant profit you have got to be new, surprising, magical, young, warm, precise, inviting and everything else that Scârţ proves to be every single time.